Iraqi/American adopt a school program

Friday, July 02, 2004

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Iraqi / American adopt a school program

I created this post on July 2nd 2004, 3 days after Iraq became a sovereign and free nation.

GOAL: To help Iraqi children gain the necessary knowledge skills and abilities (KSA's)necessary to establish and maintain a sovereign and free Iraqi Republic under their constitution and the rule of law.

OBJECTIVE: By June 1st 2006 all Iraqi middle schools will have teacher controlled Internet access that will allow them to communicate both visually and audibility with a corresponding school in the United States and possibly England. The schools will be matched by grade level.


* Interested participants will donate their time in coordinating efforts on a local basis dependent on their own KSA's.

* Donations will be raised by schoolchildren in America to supply their adopted school with all necessary technology.

* I will create a meeting place for local schools in both countries to sign up as they become aware of the program.

* A map of each country will be created that will allow each school to visually see where their corresponding school is located.

Guiding Principles:

"WHEREAS it is the policy of this Blog to encourage full participation by all citizens of the United States and Iraq, regardless of race, creed, color, or religion, in the firm belief that the democratic process and Republic of Iraq can be successfully created and maintained with the help and support of school student's within the borders of each country. Children in the United States will be encouraged to learn the history and struggles inherent in the establishment of our Republic while at the same time communicating the ideals of freedom, equality, the rule of law and public service to the students of Iraq. Teachers are forbidden from interjecting their personal political beliefs on the children of each nation and must solely referenced the documents and quotes used in our nation's founding.